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Solo Solution Multi-Purpose Cleaner

“Solving your cleaning needs and cutting your costs”

-The true “multi-purpose” cleaner!


All ingredients in Solo Solution are quality approved and made to challenge the toughest cleaning out there!


Solo Solution lasts incredibly longer than the watered down products in the chain stores. This easily translates to $$ being saved for on-going expenses!


Solo Solution is non-toxic and non-corosive and this makes our product one of the most earth friendly and biodegradable products of its kind on the market!

Look no further! Put Solo Solution multi-purpose cleaner to the test and you’ll be sure to see it’s the best and only solution for you! Click on order now and get our product at your door step.

Who can use us!

Solo Solution multi-purpose cleaner has multiple uses for the home, auto detailing industry, hotels, restaurants, butcher shops and much more!

Auto Detailing

Home Use



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